Exterior cladding products with a clean, modern with weatherboard patterns or flat smooth finish. Cladding with horizontal or vertical weatherboard patterns are ideally suited for modern homes and townhouses. Our cladding products from various leading manufacturers suits contemporary designs in residential construction and panels for a smooth finish look in commercial and multi-storey developments. Our products can be used in external cladding in various applications by switching between widths and orient of the boards vertically or horizontally.

Commercial and building cladding with smooth, flat surface, square-edge finish made for easy jointing. Our products will provide an excellent exterior wall finish to any exterior wall in residential homes or multi-storey development.  Panels are manufactured from material that are highly durable, strong, burn and corrosion resistant, providing protection to the building for years to come. The cladding allows easy decoration, with colours and designs in a variety of finishes.

We source our products from leading manufacturers including BCG, James Hardie, and Weathertex. We sell and deliver a wide range of cladding products including metal cladding panels, aerated autoclaved cement panels and other facade cladding panels.

Fibre Cement Cladding

Our fibre cement cladding products are extremely robust, elegantly designed and hardwearing providing resistances against wind, rain and sun. Suitable for both residential and high rise multi storey building exteriors, the cladding will give any building facade an excitingly modern look with durability and strength.

The commercial cladding grade is your top choice for low-to-medium rise building exterior. Our high-quality fibre cement panels give any commercial exterior wall facade, the strength and hardwearing qualities it needs together an excitingly modern look to the building.