Quality Plasterboards

Quality Plasterboards

Western Sydney PMC plasterboards are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our plasterboards will suite any construction from housing to multi story buildings.

Cladding products for construction

Cladding products for construction

Our cladding product are world class. Our extensive rage of cladding will suite any construction from domestic housing to commercial buildings.

Construction grade metal

Construction grade metal

We supply a range of lightweight steel products and various other metal products for suited for the building industry. From lightweight steel frames to metal cladding our inventory includes a wide range of construction products.

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Cladding products

Lightweight metal products

Door frames

Insulation products

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Our warehouse stock an extensive range of plasterboards, high quality cladding products from various manufacturers, lightweight steel products for construction, insulation and tools & accessories used in the building industry

Western Sydney Plasterboards Metal Cladding aka Western Sydney PMC is a leading supplier of high quality plasterboards, lightweight steel metal frames & brackets, extensive range of external cladding products, insulation, tools and accessories used in the building industry. Our company stock a wide range of products for internal and external construction suited for projects from domestic housing to commercial buildings. We have been assisting builders, architects & contractors NSW wide in bringing their designs and architectural blueprints to finished products.

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Wide Range of Building Products

Delivering high quality plasterboards, prefabricated lightweight steel frames, door frames, a wide range of external cladding products and external concrete panels for housing & building facades, quality insulation products and industry standard tools and accessories.

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Western Sydney PMC customer service

We are a company committed to high standard of customer service. With a dedicated experienced team that know and understand construction requirements, you can rest assured that we will be providing you the best material with the best advice you need for your project.


We supply high quality plasterboards sourced from established and leading manufactures.


We supply a complete range of lightweight steel metal framings and attachment components for construction.


Stocking a range of cladding material suitable for exterior cladding and linings in a variety of designs.


Providing highest quality insulation products from a leading manufacturers suited for home or building.


We sell and deliver a range of trade tools and accessories specifically used in the building industry.

Leading company supplying quality products used in all construction

We are a company committed to innovation and supply chain of high quality materials to meet the needs of any building project. We sell and deliver NSW wide, with an extensive range of high quality platerboards, cladding material, lightweight steel metal products, tools and accessories in our warehouse, you can rely on Western Sydney PMC as your supply chain partner to complete your project.

All sales can be delivered NSW wide with metro Sydney deliveries done within a day. Our warehouse is open to everyone, feel free to visit our warehouse to view our products or pick up your order on location.

Our Suppliers

Western Sydney PMC is a leading supplier of quality plasterboards, lightweight steel frames, cladding products for building, ceiling systems, insulation and tools for building industry.

We sell & deliver our products NSW wide.

Phone:   02 9131 6355